The Exhibit

Welcome to the next weird-ass creation of Killfrog. Journey into the unfolding mystery in the interactive art installation built with Unity.


Opening Soon

WTF is This?

The exhibit is Killfrog’s most ambitious project to date. Part art museum part game the exhibit is a way to explore the animations and artwork of through an interactive experience. Each room will be a unique story as well as an underlined mystery that you will have to find clues for along the way. Each room will have a game element to it although the game elements were very per room. One room may be a lock room with a mystery to solve while well the next may contain only pointless gameplay in a bizarre new landscape.

You’ll see the characters you’ve grown to love from Killfrog as well as some new ones yet to be created. The humor of kill frog will remain the same but the art style is definitely changing. To build this new world and be able to handle the animation pipeline Killfrog is moving to 3D modeling. A lot of these characters will look a little different the goal is not to recreate a 2d world in this new environment but to expand and grow the characters into a new direction.

We are also leveraging tons of 3D modeling software used by both the entertainment and gaming industry. Initially the project will be on a tight budget but we are hoping to finance this project and staff accordingly through selling the art as in TFS on sites like and wearable. We will also be adding a gift shop with all the digital art in the summer of 2021.

Join us on this adventure or don’t. We simply don’t care. The fact you just read these three paragraphs fascinates us to no end.



One of the gaming industries leading 3d modeling tools. We’re using it to transform our designs in landscapes for this strange new experience


Autodesk Maya is the gold standard for 3D modeling, animation, and rendering. We’re leveraging this platform for rigging all of our characters.


Simply put is the best 3D gaming engine on the market today. Will be building out our experience with extended gameplay utilizing this platform.

Get Lost

Some of the best times I’ve had is getting lost in an art museum. It’s kinda like that but with grenades, Bazookas, demons, and stuff.

Each new room will be built based on the input of fans and the digital sold as NFTs. So join us in creating this strange new world.

5 Minutes of Weird

The exhibit is an ever-changing 5-minute interactive experience that is an ever-changing environment. Filled with beautiful creating and sometimes terrifying experiences.

You’ll never know whats going to happen next…. cause we don’t either. 🙂